Stelian Tofana - Introducere in Studiul Noului Testament Vol. I

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The Tenant Frankie Morales x f!


I know I just posted a Frankie fic which I was blown away by the reception, thank you all! Pls lmk if you don't want me to tag you in anything!

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From the moment this brown haired, brown eyed, absolutely breathtaking man stepped onto your property, you had it bad. Francisco Morales — who has ao3 dating înapoi on being called Frankie — has been renting one of your two bedroom units for the past few months now, just him and his daughter you came to learn. Then he has the weekends all to himself and ao3 dating înapoi baby. As luck would have it though, his apartment is right next to yours.

Just pure AF feelings, the art is beautiful and progresses super well, just go read it!

You never hear his music or TV blaring, even when his trio of friends come over. Frankie with his gorgeous head of hair that he hides ao3 dating înapoi a hat constantly, his adorable patchy scruff with sprinkles of grey, the kissable dimple in his cheek.

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And your mind must be playing tricks on you because you swear you catch him glancing your way longer than would be considered friendly. You swear you see him blush when you subtly flirt with him. You swear that — possibly — he might like you, too.

Но он не был готов впервые увидеть Семь Они не могли называться иначе: непрошенная фраза сама сорвалась с его губ. На последних следах закатного сияния они составляли крошечную, тесную и поразительно симметричную группу. Шесть из них были расположены в виде слегка сплющенного эллипса, который, как был уверен Элвин, на деле был точным кругом, слегка наклоненным к лучу зрения. Каждая из звезд имела свой цвет: он различил красную, голубую, золотую и зеленую, прочие оттенки ускользали от .

You wanted to wrap yourself around him, reach inside him, hug each and every corner of his mind, body, and soul to help the sadness leave his eyes. He knew you were single, and you left it up to him to do what he wants with that information, not wanting to pressure or 13 ani sfaturi de întâlniri him feel uncomfortable.

You still held your breath at any possibility of him asking you out, but it never came.

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Today — Saturday — his rent is now officially past due; you know he has the weekends off and it worries you. Your heart races as you dial, for no appropriate reason, seeing as this is considered a professional call.

Still, the butterflies flap around frantically in your stomach as the line rings a few times until he answers.

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Fifty dollars is the late fee, right? Just our little secret.

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Still, he chuckles and you can practically see his smile while you doodle hearts on your notepad like a smitten schoolgirl. Did he just flirt? Your head spins and you bite your lip.

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My lips are sealed,» he adds and it snaps you out of your stupor. I can stop by later tonight if that works for you? I should be home around six.

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Not just for him, but for all tenants. It would only be a quick visit, so you calmed your mind enough to know not to hold any expectations. You sit in your office, working on menial tasks until the time on your computer reads six thirty.

How Xiao Zhan Got Caught in the AO3 Controversy and the 227 Incident

Knocking on the door, your eyes light up when you see his face and he smiles. You open your mouth to speak, but he throws his index finger over his lips, indicating for you to be quiet. You nod and he steps to the side to let you in.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He's still wearing his work clothes, his usual ball cap missing, dirty coveralls unhooked and held up by his waist and the metal clasps clink together as he moves. He walks around in his black socks and you wonder if you interrupted his post work wind down, proven when you catch him yawning and you instantly feel guilty.

Then you quickly think of a reason that would allow that possibility as the urge to take care of ao3 dating înapoi boils over and before you can stop yourself, you speak.