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Early education continues to be neglected as access to kindergartens remains very difficult for most poor Roma families.

Limited access to kindergartens and primary school has a negative impact on their future development.

Romania - Policy Center

Furthermore, particular attention should be paid to Roma girls who have an overall lower rate of school attendance 9. In this field too, the intersection between gender and ethnicity make Roma women more vulnerable to discrimination.

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The integration on the labour market of Roma women is significantly lower. Most recent data shows that Apart from indirect discrimination - prejudices against the Roma, lack of identification papers, or lack of access to better employment - are common cases of direct discrimination.

In the black dating site rasist of Tarlungeni, Brasov County, erected a wall between Roma dwellings and the rest of the population. This not only separated the two communities Roma and non-Roma but also lead to serious difficulties for Roma to access public services.

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The Jewish community continues to be another group vulnerable to discrimination. Despite a very small number 12 - during incidents involving public anti-Semitic statements, vandalism against property, Nazi symbols, articles with an anti-Semitic content and organizations Noua Dreapta- The New Right promoting nationalist, pro-Nazis, anti-Semitic ideas 13 were recorded.

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NCCD sanctioned two of them Cazul mariajelor timpurii în comunităț ile de romi din România. Are Children's Rights Negotiable?

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The case of early marriages in Romania's Roma communities. Another incident, similar to the one in Bucharest happened in Botosani, at the Jewish Cemetery.

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The mayor of Constanta and his son wore Nazi symbols at a fashion show and as with the cases above the decision is still pending. Anti-Semitic ideas continued to be displayed on the internet and used in discourses of mainstream politicians NCCD sanctioned a number of cases of discrimination targeting the Hungarian minority. Other identified vulnerable groups are asylum seekers and tolerated persons; both groups are in rather dire situations due to the very low interest of Romanian authorities to address their plight.

Insufficient social assistance in reception centres and lack of interpreters burdens the access to health care services. Immigrants are also vulnerable to discrimination, abusive treatment and lack of compliance with national legislation regarding working conditions.

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Manifestations of racism and religious discrimination V. The proportion of Roma among the working-age populations remains very low and exclusion influences their participation in the labour market.

Additionally, while at the global level there is a growing phenomenon of transnational commuting of the international work force, Romania seems unable to adapt and to design mechanisms to address the growing abuse of human rights of immigrant workers on its territory. This chapter elaborates on findings about two main groups vulnerable to discrimination and racism on the labour market: Roma and foreign workers.

  • Second European Union minorities and discrimination survey - Publications Office of the EU
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The main group prone black dating site rasist discrimination on the labour market is the Black dating site rasist minority. Studies show that only Besides the lack of professional qualification, low competitiveness, illiteracy, overall discrimination, health issues, precarious living conditions and extreme poverty, another source of exclusion is the lack of identity documents- between 1.

A study released by the World Bank estimates that Roma exclusion on the Romanian labour market, leads to losses of million Euros in annual productivity and million Euros in fiscal losses.

The report argues that the main cause for their exclusion on the labour market is their under-qualification.

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Findings show that only one in two Roma of working age is actually working and only one in eight has sufficient professional skills. Additionally, Roma are ten times more prone to being black dating site rasist turcă dating site- ul marea britanie compared to the majority.

Revenues of Roma families are almost three times lower than those of the majority They often lack education, skills, work experience or access to the formal economy Concerning complaints and legal cases, according to the NCCD 27 an obvious example of discrimination against Roma black dating site rasist the workplace was the abrogation of the Local Expert on Roma Issues position by local counsellors in a certain locality