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Disponibil oriunde pe glob şi independent de staţiile meteo. Descarcă informaţii consistente şi fără decalaje pentru fiecare oră budak dating Budak ca fişier CSV. Poţi testa accesul la informaţii pentru Basel în mod gratuit.

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Raportul meteo sub formă de istoric are ca limită de evaluare ultimele 2 săptămâni. Accesul rămâne activ timp de 1 an. Basel este disponibil pentru evaluare gratuită. Basel Locations Your activated locations are listed here.

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You can switch to another location by clicking on the name, or compare data with the current location by checking the box. Setări Weather variables information Temperature 2m and relative humidity 2m : Comparable to measurements at 2 meters above ground.

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Pressure: Atmospheric air pressure reduced to mean sea level as most commonly used for weather reports. The local pressure varies with altitude. Locations at higher elevation have a lower local atmospheric pressure.

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Precipitation amount: Total precipitation amount including rain, convective precipitation and snow. Snowfall amount: Fraction of total precipitation that falls down as snow and is converted to cm instead of mm. Low, mid and high cloud cover: Cloud cover at different altitudes.

budak dating

High clouds km like cirrus are less significant for total cloud cover than low budak dating 4 km like stratus, cumulus and fog or mid clouds km like alto cumulus and alto stratus. Solar radiation: Global radiation diffuse and direct on a horizontal plane given in Watt per square meter.

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Wind speed: Hourly average wind speeds at given altitude levels "10 and 80 meters above ground" or pressure budak dating " hPa". Units can be selected.

budak dating

Wind direction: Wind direction in degrees seamless from 0° wind blowing from north90° east wind° south wind and ° west wind. Wind gusts: Short term wind speed turbulence in an hour. Gusts indicate the level of turbulence as such they could be lower than regular wind speeds.


Graph This graph allows a quick look over the data that can be downloaded. Long data series are dynamically aggregated to daily or monthly values.

budak dating

It automatically refreshes on changes. You can zoom by click and drag to left or right.

budak dating

A click on a weather variable name in the legend below the chart hides the data series for better readability.