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Dara of 2ne DaRAmiAcum lună I really think, they are for real Glendale De GuzmanAcum lună Ilang taon ang ganda ni dara kay minho hes a good catch too hes nice goodluck to them Darahae dating lună 7 years ang age gap nila, but Dara like younger man,and for her age doesn't matter as long matured yung guy sa age niya kahit younger pa siya, may guy kc na older nga pero immatured. DaRAmiAcum lună Yes dara, just do it who ever you choice to love in heart your choices asked long your happy and his happy darahae dating you and inlove with you then I wish you a happiness forever inlove together forever happiness.

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Acum lună looking forward for these two, darahae dating feel so happy and in love. Dara and Minho looks good together. Janiezha DalanginAcum lună Yippppeeee!!! Mukhang malapit na chingu ang engagement.

A lot of hints is being given on both sides. Minho is busy promoting Atlantis coz this might be the last album with Shinee that he is single.

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While Dara's seems to be more relaxed nowadays. I really think it will be SOON. Sana soon ma kasal nadin si Dara mitchAcum lună adel carandang wala ako paki Kung sino man sa kanila one thing d ako shipper.

DaRAmiAcum lună ah un ba?

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Such an inspiration and looking forward that this will happen very soon. DaRAmiAcum lună it looks like really connected.


Get married darahae dating the love of your life cause y'all deserve it!! I really wanna see 2nd gen idols settle down and not get critised over it. They need a life partner too! I can't.

I really hope they're darahae dating for real. It'll be an ultimate 2nd gen royalty couple! They're too adorable. But darahae dating love Dara kaya if anong like niya sa ngayon, support lang tayo Because as we can notice karaniwan sa mga fine flex niya friends niya A may jetlag pa c Minho that time, nakakapagtaka lang wala silang picture ni Dara together, madami nga nag aabang ng picture nila kso wala.

Song nila kay noona, it's a 3rd part, yung first replay yung nag ka crush and confess c boy ng feelings kay noona second lovesick, naging sila ni noona and marry you a proposal song for noona, and we know darahae dating is Shinee's noona na Naka work nila sa etude, and c Dara favorite niya yung replay, noona nemu yeoppo, kina kanta yun sa kanya ng shinee.

DaRAmiAcum lună I watch shinee fansign video and i just notice of minho reaction when one of their fans giving a rabbit headband to onew.

Well, I'm awake now, yihaaa. Delia SonnenburgAcum lună oh my. Watch it on mnet episode where jonghyun is the guest. When she says she likes shinee minho. And she also said that age doesn't matter as long as she sees him as a man and he sees her as a woman. You can see that episode in 2ne1 sketchbook I remember Dara said a long time ago, that she likes younger men, but not younger than her brother.

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Calm AzuzenaAcum lună Hey before you said it's fake news watch again Dara's interview its clear that she's on a private relationship and she will tell to her fans if she will Goin to marry someone. Don't say we're fake.

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And besides if you don't want this ship no one force you to watch but don't say we're spreading fake news. Don't close the possibility. DaRAmiAcum lună perhaps this is another fake news. Thelma Y FernandezAcum lună emotionally darahae dating