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Go to iyp. When ar- riving, avoid the currency exchange desk placed directly before passport control: the rates are very poor. To get your hands on local cash use one of the many ATMs in the main arrivals hall. The pedestrian walkway which con- nects the arrivals and departures terminal contains car hire desks, a newsagent and a chemist.

Downstairs is the internal flight arrivals terminal, and a small supermarket. To get to the city centre, your best bet is to take a taxi. To do so, look for the touch screens in the arrivals hall.

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Just seen better days, and that it is not the friendliest place in make sure you get into the right taxi: check the company the city. Fortunately, Gara de Nord is relatively small and name and ID number with the one on your ticket.

All of the platforms lead to the same Unfortunately, as of April 1st, a new rule on which type of taxi can pick up passengers at the airport cunningly main concourse, where you will see signs for buses, taxis designed to keep the cheapest taxis away has seen long dating quiz de 5sos the metro.

The public toilets are acceptable walk through to departures and pick one up as it drops and cost 1 leu to use. Avoid all of the currency exchange other passengers off. Use one of These are overpriced taxis which are allowed to wait the many ATMs instead.

The journey into the city centre with a cheap, honest cab To get to the city centre, take an honest taxi from the should you manage to get one will cost from lei. If no taxi is waiting, For those who want to head into town in a bit more comfort, there are good private car options: TransVision use one of the two touch screens to order one.

You can airport-transfer-bucharest. Both offer a reliable airport transfer to Piata Unirii, No. You can also get to town by goes to the airport. Bus tickets in the form of an Activ taking bus No. Note that both the last buses and the last metro night. Another bus, No. A return journey into the city and back ticket until the last minute, as you may end up missing costs 7 lei no singles are available.

You also need to your train. Indeed, you are advised to buy train tickets pay 3. The cards cannot be bought on board.

When departing from Otopeni, allow yourself plenty of time to get there: at least an hour if you are taking instagram. It is also very cheap to use. Services are often poor however, and during the week most forms of transport are horribly overcrowded. The city centre is poorly served by the metro and only the north- south M2 line, from Pipera to Berceni, which passes through Piatas Victoriei, Romana and Unirii, and the M1 branch to the Gara de Nord, are likely to be of any use to visitors.

In our list- ings, all venues which are within walking distance of a metro station carry the M symbol. Tickets valid for two journeys cost 5 lei, while tickets valid for ten journeys cost a bargain 20 lei. You can also buy a daily ticket for 8 lei, while a weekly season ticket costs 25 lei. Many buses are overcrowded, however, and travelling on them can often be a less than pleasant expe- rience.

Buses, trolleybuses and trams run from very early in the morning around to around earlier at week- endsafter which the extensive dating quiz de 5sos bus network takes over.

All night buses depart from Piata Unirii.

These cards cost 3. They need to be loaded with credit minimum 5 lei and are reusable. The card is then debited each time you validate it at one of the orange devices located on buses, trams and trolleybuses. One trip costs 1. On all forms of public transport in Bucharest children under the age of seven travel free. After that they need a full-price ticket. An InterRegio adult single from Bucharest to Brasov costs 73 lei. To buy train tickets visit either the station, a CFR agency or buy online at cfrcalatori.

Note that if buying online you need to do so at least 24 hours in advance.

Dating online introducere cannot be pur- chased on board CFR trains, though you can try bribing the guard. Many locals do this habitually. On the privately run Hyperion trains, however, which depart Bucharest for Brasov at each morning, and for Constanta atyou can buy tickets on board.

There is also free Wifi and a coffee machine: a refreshing change to CFR. Tickets cost just 30 lei to Brasov, 40 lei to Constanta.

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For more info, see the website softrans. The full Romanian train timetable is online at cfrcalatori.

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Open Closed Dating quiz de 5sos, Sun. Open - Also at K, Hotel InterContinental, tel. Open -Sat -Closed Sun. Mihail Moxa 9, tel. Should you tertel. Open 24 hrs. Titulescu 1, stock. Regio R- trains are very slow. You will also see trains bl A7, sc.

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Prices on all types of train are day. Dating quiz de 5sos, Calea robot dating website they are associated with.

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To counter this, however, Victorieitel. Open - dodgy taxis also plaster phone numbers over their cars,Sun - Grigore Mora 17, tel. When 28 06 49, www. Service also available in Cluj, Constanta, or waiter order you a cab.

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Never pay more than 1. Bucurestilor E, As an alternative to standard taxis, Uber is also now pre- Clad. Corp AS4, etaj 1, tel. Also at Str. Drumul Garii Odaii 1A, int. A, et. Bucuresti-Ploiestitel. Most of these companies have at ri Coanda Airport. Open 24hrs. You do not need to use the city code.

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Emergency call centre operators should dating liverpool uk English or French but in our experience they do not al- ways do so. At least make sure you know the name of the street you are calling from.

If you get into trouble with the Police, demand to call your embassy. There is a list on page Lascar Cartagiu 22, tel.

Wild nightlife, wild drivers, wild dogs remember those? Who knew that all this time a genuine wilderness was actually growing in the very heart of the city? An unfinished construction project reclaimed by nature from humanity and now an attraction worthy of a visit from the Prince of Wales himself.

There is a list of Pharmacies on page 77, and an English-speaking Dentist on page If you do not go looking for trouble, the chances of you getting into dating quiz de 5sos are small. However, the fire at Colectiv on October 30th last year brought home the fact that many Bucharest clubs have been operating for years in less than ideal surroundings.

As a result of the fire, most of those considered to present a risk have been closed by the authorities, or have closed vol- untarily until they are consolidated.

As such, those venues which remain open can by and large dating quiz de 5sos considered as safe as any venue anywhere. If you are driving, or are out late at night, it is a good idea to carry at least a photocopy of your passport and driving license. Drinking in public except in designated areas leaves you open to a fine, and despite appearances to the contrary, prostitution is illegal.

If you are arrested ask to speak to your embassy. In a nutshell though, do not worry. This of course begs the question: Where have all the dogs gone?

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Should you be bitten during your time in Bucha- rest, present yourself at dating quiz de 5sos to the casualty unit Cam- era de Garda at the Institutul Matei Bals, M-8 Str. Calistrat Grozovici 1, tel.

The wound will be cleaned up, and you will be administered both an anti-tetanus and the first of three anti-rabies jabs the others must be done seven and then 21 days af- terwards.

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You will also get a prescription for a course of antibiotics. There are left luggage lockers which include plugs where you can charge phones and such like at Gara de Nord. They Situated in that part of the world which will perhaps cost from 5 lei for three hours to 10 lei for ten hours. Founded, legend has it, in the per 24 hours. You will need ID. Leu notes come in denominations of,rest of the country do not register as citizens of the capi- 50, 10, 5 and 1.

There are also 50, 10, 5 and 1bani coins.

The best place to get your hands Bucharest is not far from the Danube just 69km to on lei is at an ATM. If you have to dating quiz de 5sos cash, do it inside the souththe border between Romania and Bulgaria.

Never change money at exchange offices case de The main crossing point is at Giurgiu, linked by a bridge schimb valutar : they offer appalling rates and charge high with Ruse, the Bulgarian town on the other side of the commissions. Credit and debit cards MasterCard and Visa river. Bucharest is around km from Constanta and the are accepted almost everywhere. American Express cards Black Sea coast. Ponta held on as Bucharest is run by Gabriela Firea of the PSD, who won PM for a year, but was forced to resign after massive pub- the mayoral election at the beginning of June.

She is the first lic demonstrations against his government immediately woman to hold the post. Lined with fine houses, palaces, churches, hotels, up- market shops and museums, it remains perhaps the most prestigious address in the city. Calea Victoriei was first opened to traffic - or what passed for traffic in those days - inoriginally part of the route from the Old Court Curtea Veche to Mogosoaia, where Constantin Brancoveanu, that great ruler of these parts who did so much to dating quiz de 5sos the country during his long and distinguished reign - had his main palace.

Caut un barbat de viata

Banloc-Goodrich was the first tyre-manufacturer in The street - originally covered with logs, as was the Romania, nationalised in The building, a gem, is now norm in those days - was fully paved byone of the owned by the state, but has been vacant for some time. There fol- early years the exterior was painted red. Opposite, on the lowed a blossoming of construction as the street became corner of Strada Sevastopol, is another wonderful building, a magnet for wealthy merchants who built homes along the Casa Filipescu, a vaguely Secessionist house whose its length, keen to be spared the ignominies of the mud original wrought-iron balconies remain intact.

Look out streets which persisted elsewhere. Though much has too for the sculptures over the windows. Built in the changed since, and not a few majestic buildings have fallen house is part of the Museum of Bucharest and is currently victim to earthquake, war, socialist planning or moderni- being fully restored.

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