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The new standard in todays piano concert world within only 30 years after it´s introduction. Used in concert halls around the world by the best piano concert technicians.

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OnlyPure is processing piano nonlinearity stiffness, damping automatically without the need for pre-calculating stretch curves, which makes it the most simple to use tuning app available for piano tuning. OnlyPure provides outstanding unisons, which is usually not possible with machine tuning.

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Tuning different pianos together, formerly a difficult task, simply succeeds with OnlyPure. Usage: - Select the desired pitch using the buttons on the upper left side.


OnlyPure indicates effective pitch, reading A4 pitch of a piano slightly higher about 0,7 Hz depending on the strings nonlinearity than the pitch of the first kc dating phil. To tune orchestra and piano together, it is recommended to select nominal A4 of oboist or violinist to the effective displayed pitch of the piano.

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Adjust gains, to make sure that the volume bar remains green for the loudest tone.