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He has an uw dating degree in Urban Planning from Arizona State and has held positions at non-profits, including a high-speed rail advocacy group and a community planning council, as well as private sector work doing site selection, zoning and permitting, and as a web geographer.

I have a software engineering experience in Japan and have been an active member of many cultural student organizations.

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I am looking for an internship opportunity to enhance my data analysis, visualization or programming skills. The experiences of organizing events and cooperating with a variety of people enable me to communicate more efficiently within the team.

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Brian Ho A self-driven full-stack programmer who is passionate about learning trendy technologies. I am currently interested in Web map development and Machine Learning to understand human-nature interaction.

Seeking a full-time software developer or data science opportunity after graduated to expand my exploration in the technology field. She is seeking opportunities where to grow knowledge in the data science uw dating.

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