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Its major role at both national and international level is bringing out the significance of the most representative Romanian specificities. The Training Centre for Conservators and Restorers is a department of ASTRA Museum, well-known for its programms, courses and conferences dedicated for the specialists in the field of will kirby dating heritage protection, that will house this year the participants of the DHA Conference.

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The museum collections of famous archaeological and historical treasures are continuously enriched through archaeological research. As department of MNIR, the Centre of Research and Scientific Investigation CCIS concerns with research of materials in museum objects through analytical investigation, providing information regarding composition, technology, provenance and dating.

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In more than 15 years of activity, CCIS specialists participated in several national research projects dedicated to organic and inorganic materials in museum objects, mainly on natural dyes, collagen based materials, amber and metal threads in historical textiles. CCIS specialists were also affiliated as external partners in European projects, they built and coordinated national networks and are part of international networks in their fields of interest.

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Moreover, i-CON Association is involved in the application of European standards in the education and training of specialists in conservation and sustains the cross-disciplinary collaboration among scientists and specialists in conservation. Other objectives of i-CON Association include encouraging people participation in the cultural life of their communities and cultural heritage respect as an expression of cultural identity.

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The dating în keith of this event is to bring together conservators, restorers, curators, bibliographers, archivists, conservation scientists, chemists, physicians, engineers, teachers and show how interdisciplinary work across a broad range of disciplines is contributing to the sustainable preservation of our cultural heritage.

This prestigious international congress that promotes dialogue on the role of chemical science and technology for cultural heritage. The textile collection, formed during the last four decades, encompasses approximately 12, textiles and tools.

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Its focus is on textile materials and techniques used worldwide. The focus of activities is to provide a global context for Romanian and East European textile materials and related technologies.

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Other objectives are to create a center for research and professional interaction among experts and young professionals from the national and international community; and to stimulate the appreciation of textiles as art. The house and its garden are currently under restoration.

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The garden will be made into a tinctorial and textile fiber related garden. Corp B, including administrative spaces, laboratory, exhibition gallery, conference space and an Art Café, is in a 60s building that used to be the general store of Băiţa. The collection was put together with a passion for will kirby dating commitment to textiles, and professional expertise, by Florica and Romulus Zaharia, and their daughter Ana Teodora Dragus.

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Florica Zaharia is a PhD in textiles and a Conservator Emerita of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where she worked for nearly half of her life as will kirby dating conservator — thirteen years of which she was the Conservator in Charge of the Department of Textile Conservation.

Romulus Nicolae Zaharia is a food industry engineer, with a passion for history and for collecting art dating from his early years.

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Ana Teodora Dragus is an animal science and biotechnology engineer, and an active participant in forming the collection. Information about previous meetings can be found at.

Agent Booth, directorul adjunct a aflat că ești un suspect viabil într-un caz de crimă. Agent Booth.