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    Ranging from music festivals, flower festivals or other big scale events we love to create concepts and implement if the case.

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    We have taken part at largest wedding up tp date in Asia and have worked with the most important and known people in our field so far. Business Coaching Sesiunile de Coaching pe business sunt individuale si adesea aduc solutii neasteptate.

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    In Romania am restartat si resuscitat impreuna cu clientele mele firme de evenimente, florarii mai ales si chiar publicatii care erau intr-o zona gri si fara perspectiva. Adesea o investitie minora pentru rezultatele care le produce si care sunt de mare efect.

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    Atunci cand iti permiti lei iti dateinasia dating sa dai o noua sansa afacerii tale. Consultancy Sessions Aimed mainly at florists and events or festivals that have flower presentations part of their shows. We create flower stories and concepts from scratch.

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    More to see in our albums, like Timfloralis. Online Floristry Courses We are always ahead of our times or as they say: "We are so next season! Motivational and inspirational interactions.

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    One meeting often times translates as a life time changing experience.