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    Despre acest dating age math Exocolonist is still in development, aiming for release sometime in Growing up in humanity's first extrasolar colony, you and your family are refugees from Earth flung into a new world of wonder and danger. You have your whole life ahead of you: Will you become an engineer and bring modern technology to this jurassic planet?

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    Or cultivate the alien plants and dating age math in harmony with exotic nature? Battle the massive beasts which rule Vertumna, or nurture future generations of humans?

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    Your decisions matter; whether to study, learn to play an instrument, obey your parents or sneak out to explore the hazardous jungle. Adolescence is full of awkwardness and clumsy mistakes, but everything you learn will make you - and your colony - stronger.

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    Your memories, decisions and friendships will be at your side when strife is near, becoming collectible cards used for everything from taking a math test to escaping the jaws of a wild snapbladder. A strange connection to an orbiting wormhole causes you to remember events from your past lives. It'll take many lives to find every ending and ultimately a way to save both your colony and the planet.

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    Exocolonist is going to have this great stuff: story events - too much to experience in one lifetime, but luckily you'll have many. Can you guess what your childhood friends will grow up to be?

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    Plus all the basics:.